Saturday 3 December 2016

The Cloud Leopard's Daughter - Deborah Challinor

The Cloud Leopard's Daughter is another book in Challinor's best selling series, The Smugglers Wife. Once again, KIWI WRITERS RULE!

Ambers best friend, Bao has been kidnapped. Bao's father is dying of bowel cancer and his last wish is to see her again before he passes. He writes a letter to his most trusted friend, Rian, Amber's Dad, and asks for help. When news reaches the Katipo II of Bao's kidnapping, there is no hesitation to sail to Hong Kong to save her. Along the way they find out why Bao was kidnapped. Her Uncle Kai has made a deal with a very wealthy man in Hong Kong: Marry Bao off and Kai will receive the Tong. He will become his families most important person, not Bao.

Many challenges face the crew of the Katipo on their rescue mission, but no one saw the biggest challenge of them all. A bitter jealousy has become apparent after Isreal discovers he's lost all chances of Amber loving him. Loving him more than she loves Tahi. Between the chaos of rescuing Bao, Amber is kidnapped. Tahi has visions in his sleep and can't make sense of them until its almost too late.

Does Bao get to see her Dad before he dies? Does Amber get rescued? What happens between Isreal and Tahi? I was left in suspence until the very end. There's nothing I love more than a novel that leaves you hanging on the edge of your seat until the end!

The Cloud Leopard's Daughter is available at all good book stores. RRP$34.99.

If you could sail anywhere, where would it be? Have you read any of Deborah Challinor's novels?

Camille x

*Book provided by Harper Collins



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  1. I read a couple of her books years ago and adored them, I really need to catch up on all the more recent ones.