Wednesday 1 February 2017

Summer Reads : Who's Afraid Too? - Maria Lewis

Some of you may remember my review on Who's Afraid? (If not heres the link). Who's Afraid Too? Is the second book in the series. I LOVED the first book, so you can only imagine my excitement when Who's Afraid Too? came in the mail. Maria Lewis, you've done it again!

She was on the run. Well, not on the run per se, more or less in hiding from Lorcan and everything that happened. Mari and Kane were dead because of her, and she killed her own half brother. Becoming a wolf has been the worst thing to ever happen to Tommi and now to top it all off, she was bloody in love with Lorcan. What kind of sick and twisted world had she landed in?

Upon arriving in Germany, Tommi meets up with the Rouges (a 'pack' of werewolves who don't want to be part of a pack... funny that), and things start to get a little easier. She improves her skills as a werewolf and as a fighter, thanks to the guiding paws of the Rouges. Everything becomes easier to accept, apart from the fact that her best friend Joss's cancer, is killing him. That's one thing she refuses to accept.

When newborn babies start disappearing in the night, Tommi senses something is wrong in the super natural world. She can feel Lorcan's tension, and hear his pain when his nightmares wake her at night. Tommi thought she was getting a handle on things, until she learns of super werewolves, who eat the flesh of newborn babies and worship a god named Crom Cruach.

Faced with the most dangerous fight in her life, can Tommi stop more newborns being taken? Can she defeat the super werewolves? But most importantly, can she save Joss?

I LOVE MARIA LEWIS AND I LOVE WHO'S AFRAID TOO! Ever get that longing feeling when you finish a book? That feeling where you can't stop thinking about the story and how you wish there was more, days after you finished it? I got that feeling when I finished Who's Afraid Too?

RRP$29.99 Available at all good book stores!

Has a book ever left you longing for more?

Camille x
*Thanks to Hachette for providing me with this novel

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