Friday 21 April 2017

The Little Breton Bistro - Nina George

Let me ask you, my lovely reader, one simple question. Do you know who you are? I thought I knew myself, until The Little Breton Bistro changed what I thought I knew. This isn't the first time Nina George has done this to me. The Little Paris Book Shop also made me rethink everything I knew.

One painting on a tile. Thats all it took for Marianne to change her life. One simple painting of a small coastline in Kerdruc, France, was all it took to stop her suicidal thoughts. Death is final, living is scary and unknown, yet living was what she had to do, to save her life. Escaping Lothar and their loveless marriage, Marianne starts her solo adventure to Kerdruc. With almost no money to her name, and suicidal thoughts following her, she has to get to Kerdruc. It looks like a lovely place to end her life.

Tuesday 18 April 2017

Natural Deodorants That Actually Work

For the longest time, we've wanted to make the change to a natural deodorant, but finding natural deodorants that actually work has always been a mission in itself. When one of our friends, Meagan (Makeup By Meags) made the switch to using only natural products, I went to her for advice. But to be honest, I didn't have much hope in finding one that was going to work for me.

Why go natural? Traditional deodorants have a bad rep. The theory that aluminium in deodorants is linked to breast cancer, is the one that's made me make the change. I'm not about to go totally chemical-free (unless Colourpop start going all natural hahaha), but I've decided to try and introduce more natural alternatives into my beauty regime.

Friday 7 April 2017

A Letter From Italy - Pamela Heart

Historical romances will always be my favourite novels. How can I not love a bit of history and romance? A Letter From Italy had me in tears one minute and experiencing the warm fuzzies the next!