Friday 7 April 2017

A Letter From Italy - Pamela Heart

Historical romances will always be my favourite novels. How can I not love a bit of history and romance? A Letter From Italy had me in tears one minute and experiencing the warm fuzzies the next!

1917 - Italy. Rebecca Quinn has been left behind while her husband, Jack, chases a story. The war is in full swing and Rebecca isn't your usual Aussie gal. Rebecca is a journalist. With her husband Jack by her side, Rebecca feels like she can achieve anything. Her stories are being sent back to England and Australia, to be published in the news papers. She can't think of a better place to be. But when her husband Jack, leaves on a smugglers ship to chase a story, Rebecca soon finds out that trying to be a journalist isn't so easy without her husband.

Alessandro Panucci or Al Baker? Sandro can't decide who he is. Born to Italian parents who moved to America, Sandro can't seem to find his place. All he knows for sure, is that he wants to be a photographer on the front lines of the war. Upon teaming up with a strong, independent journalist, Rebecca, Sandro finally gets his credentials as a real war-time photographer. He is finally making something of himself and he owes it all to Becca.

As time drags on with no news from Jack, Rebecca starts to feel things she shouldn't for Sandro. Did Becca really love Jack, or did she merely fall into affection with him? As she wars with her feelings, Sandro does the same thing. He can't fall in love with a married woman, can he?

The only problem I had with A Letter From Italy was that it simply ended too soon! Another fantastic historical romance with a fair bit of feminism mixed in, I loved every moment of this book. Available at all good book stores RRP$34.99

Have you read any of Pamela Hart's novels?
*Thanks to Hachette for providing me with this book

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