Thursday 9 February 2017

Summer Reads: Carve The Mark - Veronica Roth

Do you know how much I love summer? Reading in the sun on a lazy day has to be one of the best moments in life. In today's Summer Reads, we have Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth.

For every kill Akos makes, he carves a kill mark in his forearm. However these are not his people's traditions, for Akos is no where near his own home. Taken from his home, Thuvhe, when he was 14, Akos has learned to fight in order to survive his peoples worst enemies; the Shotets. Akos and his brother were taken for their current gifts and their fates. Being able to see the future, his brother becomes a great weapon to his enemies. Akos current gift however, becomes his own curse, when he develops feelings for the girl it helps.

Wednesday 1 February 2017

Summer Reads : Who's Afraid Too? - Maria Lewis

Some of you may remember my review on Who's Afraid? (If not heres the link). Who's Afraid Too? Is the second book in the series. I LOVED the first book, so you can only imagine my excitement when Who's Afraid Too? came in the mail. Maria Lewis, you've done it again!

She was on the run. Well, not on the run per se, more or less in hiding from Lorcan and everything that happened. Mari and Kane were dead because of her, and she killed her own half brother. Becoming a wolf has been the worst thing to ever happen to Tommi and now to top it all off, she was bloody in love with Lorcan. What kind of sick and twisted world had she landed in?