Thursday 9 February 2017

Summer Reads: Carve The Mark - Veronica Roth

Do you know how much I love summer? Reading in the sun on a lazy day has to be one of the best moments in life. In today's Summer Reads, we have Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth.

For every kill Akos makes, he carves a kill mark in his forearm. However these are not his people's traditions, for Akos is no where near his own home. Taken from his home, Thuvhe, when he was 14, Akos has learned to fight in order to survive his peoples worst enemies; the Shotets. Akos and his brother were taken for their current gifts and their fates. Being able to see the future, his brother becomes a great weapon to his enemies. Akos current gift however, becomes his own curse, when he develops feelings for the girl it helps.

Cyra can't stand it much longer. Not only does her current gift cause her extreme pain, it has also become her brothers tool to use and intimidate with. Anyone Cyra touches, experiences the worst pain in their lives. When Crya pushes her current gift into people, they die. Cyra killed her own mother with her gift, and she'll never let go of her guilt. Her brother uses this against her, knowing that she will forever serve him as his personal killer, or face exile from her home lands.

When Cyra is introduced to Akos, she is weary of this stranger. He comes from her enemies land, she has been taught to hate people from Thuvhe. But when Akos touches her, his own gift interrupts her gift, and for the first time since Cyra was a little girl, she feels no pain. Spending more and more time together to help ease her pain, Akos and Cyra fall in love. Cyra will do anything to save Akos from her brother. Even if it means her own death.

Having loved the Divergent series, I knew Carve The Mark would be fantastic. If you love Sci-Fi, then Carve The Mark is for you! I loved every moment of this book and just couldn't put it down (read it all in one day... Oops).

RRP:$26.99 Available at all good book stores.

Have you read any books from Veronica Roth? Do you have a favourite Sci-Fi series?
*Thanks to Harper Collins for providing us with this book


  1. Ooh I didn't realise she had written more books! I love YA Sci-fi, it's so immersive and easy to read!

  2. Me too! I was so excited to hear that she had published another book.
    Carve The Mark is super easy to read. Flows lovely.

    Thanks for the comment! xx