Thursday 2 March 2017

Summer Reads: Right Behind You - Lisa Gardner

Sometimes summer reading calls for a great crime thriller. Right Behind You ticks off every box on the list!

Remember Mum. Sharlah Nash has a great home now. Her new foster parents are going through the process of adopting her, even bought her her own dog, an ex police dog named Luka. This is the first time 13 year old Sharlah has had any type of normal family. She tries not to think back to her real family. The mother and father her older brother killed to save them both. It's been eight years since she last saw her brother, Telly, and every day, she blames herself for what happened. The same thought passing through her mind - Remember Mum.

Hero or Zero? Who am I going to be? Bad or good? Telly Nash asks himself this question over and over again. Hero or zero? Hero or Zero? Hero or Zero? Hero. On the run after his foster parents murders, Telly goes bush. His foster Dad, Frank, taught him everything he needs to know to survive in the wild. Frank also taught Telly how to shoot. Telly uses this knowledge to hunt down his last victim. Driven by threats on his baby sister, Sharlah's life, Telly will do whatever he can to save her. Remember Mum, he tells himself. He has killed to save Sharlah before and he will do it again.

Im not gonna lie guys, I LOVE crime thrillers. I swear I had it all figured out right until the last two chapters. Then my mind was blown and I left Right Behind You feeling completely surprised. My heart was racing and I had visible goose bumps. Don't believe me? My partner can vouch for me. I made a point of showing him.

Available at all good book stores; RRP$29.99

Have you read any books from Lisa Gardner?
*Thanks to Hachette for providing me with Right Behind You

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