Wednesday 22 March 2017

A Piece Of The World - Christina Baker Kline

A Piece Of The World had me hooked from page one. I connected with the main woman in the story on such a deep level. I just couldn't put it down.

She was 3 years old, when the fever took over her body and changed her life forever.

Christina Olson's limbs are deformed. They've been this way since she got sick when she was younger. But Christina won't let her odd gait and her stiff hands stop her from living her life. Well, thats what she tells herself anyway. But in truth, every day walking gets harder, she falls more often. Her hands get stiffer and trying to mend her clothes gets more difficult. As long as Christina sticks to her schooling and daily chores, she will be ok.

Time passes, her health gets worse. Doctors don't know what to do, and Christina refuses to see them. She's in the prime of her life now, yet Christina is losing hope. A young man named Walter, who she has been seeing every summer for almost 4 years, hasn't asked her to marry him. In fact, he's never even uttered the word 'love'. Her brother, Al, tries to make Christina see that Walter doesn't deserve her, but she refuses to believe it... Until the letters stop coming and soon so does Walter.

Her life is dull. Every day spent with Al, on the family farm. Every day the same routine, only slower and more painful for her. No longer able to walk, Christina spends every day in her chair, sliding around the kitchen, where she also sleeps. Every day is the same, until Andy, a young painter, shows up and starts painting images of the house, Al and Christina. Finally she and Al have something to look forward to each day, when Andy arrives. Bringing with him a new energy and the smell of egg paints. There is finally life in the house again, and life within Christina again.

A fantastic tale of strength and determination, A Piece Of The World is a must read! You should definitely add it to your reading list.

Available at all good book stores, RRP:$34.99
*Thanks to HarperCollins for providing me with this book

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