Friday 21 April 2017

The Little Breton Bistro - Nina George

Let me ask you, my lovely reader, one simple question. Do you know who you are? I thought I knew myself, until The Little Breton Bistro changed what I thought I knew. This isn't the first time Nina George has done this to me. The Little Paris Book Shop also made me rethink everything I knew.

One painting on a tile. Thats all it took for Marianne to change her life. One simple painting of a small coastline in Kerdruc, France, was all it took to stop her suicidal thoughts. Death is final, living is scary and unknown, yet living was what she had to do, to save her life. Escaping Lothar and their loveless marriage, Marianne starts her solo adventure to Kerdruc. With almost no money to her name, and suicidal thoughts following her, she has to get to Kerdruc. It looks like a lovely place to end her life.

Upon arrival in Kerdruc, Marianne somehow lands herself a job in a kitchen. Learning quickly the Breton language, she becomes involved in this lovely little seaside town and slowly the thoughts of death start to leave her mind. She's barely surviving emotionally when she meets the very man who painted the tile that brought her all this way. Surely she couldn't feel this way for Yann, could she? She's still married to Lothar and she knows he will not stop looking for her until he finds her. She is his property, in his mind.

What an emotional whirlwind The Little Breton Bistro is! Filled with so much pain, love and wasted years, I just couldn't put it down!

Available at all good book stores. RRP:$39.99

Have you read any of Nina George's books? If so, which was your favourite?
*Thanks to Hachette for providing me with this book

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