Tuesday 22 August 2017

The Cows - Dawn O'Porter

I challenged myself this year to read anything and everything. You never know what you might like, right? Well, The Cows had me hooked from page one. I not only liked this book, I loved it.

Following the stories of three very different women, The Cows will take you on a journey you never thought possible.

Cam is a feminist blogger. She has no desire for children, she's seen what they've done to her sisters. Her own mother thinks she is gay, because of this. She isn't, thats for sure. Children just don't do it for Cam. She loves walking around her apartment naked, having random handsome lovers and most of all, she likes being alone.

Tara is a single Mother, documentary maker and an all round good sort. She never told her one night stand, that they have a daughter. Why would she? She knows he wouldn't have wanted their baby. For 6 years, she thought she did the right thing, until other mothers from her daughters school start asking questions.

Stella is a girl on the edge. She lost her Mum and twin sister to cancer. So quickly they were both gone. Living with the knowledge that Stella herself, has the same cancer gene, she has to have a baby now, before she removes both her breasts and ovaries. Stella needs her partner to see her for what she was, before the cancer gene was discovered. She needs to feel wanted, desired. She needs to get pregnant.

All three women are brought together by a violating event, which bonds them all in very special ways.

If this review of The Cows doesn't get you hooked, then clearly i'm not doing my job.

Have you read anything from Dawn O'Porter?

Camille x
*Thanks to HarperCollins for this book

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  1. I loved this book. Dawn O'Porter is fantastic. Her YA books are great too-you should check them out x