Wednesday 26 October 2016

Two By Two - Nicholas Sparks

Chances are you've read a book by Nicholas Sparks. If not, you've watched a movie based on his books. I'm talking Dear John, The Notebook, The Last Song... You know, the kinda stuff that rips your heart in two. Two By Two tore my heart into slithers.

Russell Green thought his life was perfect. He had a loving and beautiful wife, Vivian, a precious daughter named London and a family who he loved deeply. He had a job he was fantastic at and his clients loved his work. Everything in Russ's life seemed to be going along as planned, until one day everything got turned upside down.

After leaving his job to start his own advertising company, Russ wondered if he had made a mistake. His clients were slow coming and as a result, Vivian felt she needed to get a job to help support her family, even though they had more than enough savings to last the year.  Fast forward a few months and Russell is struggling. Vivian left him, his clients are few and far between and he has now become London's full time father. After spending the first 5 years of London's life working hard to support her and Vivian, Russell is struggling to get on his feet and be the best Dad for her.

When Emily comes back into Russell's life, he thought he had lost her forever. A love once shared between them and the friendship they build, makes Russ realise that maybe his life with Vivian was a waste of time. He should've married Emily. Everything seems to be getting better until news comes that almost kills him.

Two by Two is a fantastic read. I loved reading how Russell finds his way with London, and how their relationship develops and becomes unbreakable.

Do you have a favourite Nicholas Sparks novel?

Camille xx

*Book provided by Hachette NZ


  1. I loved this book as well! Great review :)

  2. Such an emotional read, right?
    Thanks Amanda! xx