Wednesday 9 November 2016

News Of The World - Paulette Jiles

News Of The World is an exciting adventure book, set in America's 1800's. If you know me, you know that I love Native American/Historic American books.

Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd is an old man now. He's 71 and has done his part. He has raised his two daughters and stayed faithful to his wife Maria, even after her death. He travels around America reading from news papers he collects from over the world. Anyone who pays a dime can come to a reading and hear the news. He refuses to read anything political though - the fights are getting old. When an old friend shows up to a reading and requests a private word, Captain Kidd doesn't hesitate to hear him out.

A young girl captured by a Native American tribe, needs to be transported back to her family. Captain Kidd has no idea just how wild Johanna is going to be.

Johanna has no memories of her past. She was just six when her parents and siblings were murdered and she was taken in by the Kiowa tribe. In her mind she is Cicada, and she is Kiowa. She refuses to accept this white culture and its weird ways. Johanna will escape from this old man and get back to her family, some way or the other.

A fantastically poetic story about adventure through America during its most dangerous time - News Of The World (RRP: $26.99 NZD) had me excited to turn the pages. So much happens, yet not many words are used.

You can find News Of The World at all good bookstores.

Is Native American culture something that interests you? Have you read any books by Paulette Jiles?

Camille x

*News of the World provided by Harper Collins NZ




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