Wednesday 16 November 2016

Today Will Be Different - Maria Semple

Today Will Be Different had me cracking up laughing one minute and almost in tears the next.

Eleanor Flood wakes up one morning and decides that today, she will be different. She'll make an effort to be more attentive in her marriage to Joe, a highly sought after hand surgeon. She will be a better mother to their son, Timby, who is wearing make up to school. Eleanor will be present today, making eye contact with anyone she has a conversation with and she will not think of her sister, Ivy, who betrayed her all those years ago.

Even with her good intentions set for the day, Eleanor has no idea just how wild her day is going to become. A day filled with weird conversations with strangers, a colleague from the past showing up much more famous than she ever thought he would become, a bucket of bait, a steel beam set on crushing her skull, a husband gone missing and lying, a son who's pretending to have stomach issues to get out of school, and many other strange events. Eleanor makes it through the longest day of her life, to come to accept a big problem of her past.

Today Will Be Different is a fantastic quick read. I loved the mention of her dog, Yo-yo. He reminded me of one of my own dogs, Chinook.

Whats the strangest thing thats ever happened to you? Have you read any of Maria Semple's books?

Camille x

*book provided by Hachette NZ

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