Sunday 14 May 2017

The Scent Of You - Maggie Alderson

With winter well on its way to us Kiwis, I find more excuses to curl up with a blanket and book. The Scent Of You is a great reason to grab that blanket, make that cuppa and snuggle in for a long and enjoyable read!

'Hippolyta' or Polly to most, is a yoga teacher and a perfume blogger who's husband's sudden absence from their home and marriage, has left her in a spin. With the only goodbye being an email stating 'Don't contact me at work. I'm going away for 6 months on a research trip. I have emailed the kids myself', Polly doesn't know where it all went wrong. She thought their marriage had been a happy one, with their children Clemmie and Lucas and their hell-hound dog named Digger. Everything seemed fine, until he left.

Trying to continue on with her life without David, proves to be harder than she thought. Almost at breaking point, Polly finds friends in places she never thought she would. Shirlee and Maxine, from her yoga classes. Guy, an exotic and handsome perfume creator and shop owner. Bill, a lovely retiree who lives in the same retirement village as her mother, Daphne, and Bill's stepson, Edward 'Chum'.

Polly and Chum went to university together, and after reconnecting with him 20 years later, Polly's life gets a little bit easier. With her new friends, the support of her children and her dog, Polly slowly adjusts to her life without David. Although, spending all this extra time with Chum is starting to make her wonder if her marriage with David is worth fighting for.

What a fantastic big read! Although I found The Scent Of You slow to start, once the story picked up, I was thoroughly enthralled.

What is your favourite scent? Have you read any books by Maggie Alderson?
*Thanks to Harper Collins for providing me with this book

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