Wednesday 31 May 2017

Vicious Circle - C. J. Box

Vicious Circle is the 17th book in C. J. Box's Joe Picket novels. Even though its part of a series, Vicious Circle is easily read as a stand alone book!

Game Warden Joe Picket, just witnessed the murder of hunter, Dave Farkus. He can't believe what he's watching through an iPad screen. While flying in a plane at night, using heat seeking equipment, Joe watches a flurry of white flashes, all aimed at a human. Did Joe and the search team lead these killers right to Dave? Are they responsible for the killers finding their target?

Dallas Cates. Famous Rodeo Cowboy, loved by some, hated by most. Everyone knows Dallas Cates and his white-trash family. Joe Picket is the reason his brother Bull, was killed, and the reason Dallas was sent to prison. It doesn't matter to Dallas, that his brother killed his father, and is the reason his mother was crippled. It doesn't matter that his second brother killed himself. All that matters to Dallas is getting even. Heck, he started two years ago by beating up Joe's daughter, April. He is ready to start a war, and he's ready to make Joe and his family suffer.

How many more deaths of innocent people is it going to take, until this war with Dallas Cates ends? Joe can't stand by and let his family get hurt again. Joe will do anything to stop this war, and as it turns out, so will Dallas.

I LOVED Vicious Circle. It's such a wonderful thriller and every page had my heart rate up! I couldn't wait to find out how it all ended!

Available at all good book stores now! RRP$34.99

Have you read any books from C. J. Box?
*Thanks to Harper Collins for providing me with this book

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  1. Samantha Lines1 June 2017 at 05:05

    I love books that keep you guessing and don't hold your hand all the time. Looks like a fantastic winter read with a fire going, snuggly slippers and a cup of tea :)