Monday 5 June 2017

3 Books you HAVE to read this Winter

Winter has always been my favourite time to read. Who doesn't love those rainy, stormy days where you get all snug and read the day away, guilt free? I LOVE it.

After some book suggestions? Here are 3 books you have to read this Winter.

Size Zero - Victoire Dauxerre

I never quite realised how hard the fashion world, heck, the whole world is for us women. There is such a huge pressure on us to fit in and have that perfect body. The body all men apparently desire. Size Zero follows one models short stint in the catwalk scene. In a few short months, Victoire, finds herself anorexic and suicidal. At 5' 10" and 47kgs, there is hardly anything left of her. After a suicide attempt, she finally breaks free of the toxic world she found herself in and works towards getting healthy again. A very powerful read, Size Zero will have you in tears.

Come Sundown - Nora Roberts

Oh yes, hands up if you love Nora Roberts! Once again, she writes a book that I HAVE to read in one day.

Alice Mary Bodine was just trying to get home. She left to get away from the perfect life her older sister Maureen is living. Marriage was not for Alice. She wanted to be free, be an actress on the big screen. She never saw it coming, when she hopped into his truck. Never saw the fist that knocked her out and changed her life forever.

Bo grew up with a ghost in her family. The Aunt she never knew, who one day disappeared and the family never heard from again. Her Mother and Grandmother always felt Alice was still alive. Bo's Great Grandmother never forgave Alice, for what she did to her daughter and granddaughter. When a young woman gets murdered on the ranch, Bo and her family are in for a hard and shocking time. Will this murder lead to what happened to Alice?

Finding Gobi - Dion Leonard

One tiny dog changed Dion's life forever.

Ultra marathon runner, Dion Leonard, set out on a gruelling 155 mile race across the Gobi Desert with one focus in mind: to win. Little did he know that along the way he would have a small fur ball with a big heart, choose him as her owner. This tiny scruff of a mutt kept up with Dion, running all day along side him, through some of the roughest terrain this world has to offer. Along the way, Dion fell in love with this doggie he named Gobi. The further they ran together, the more apparent it became to Dion that Gobi was coming home with him. Coming home to Scotland, one way or the other.

Getting Gobi out of China wasn't going to be easy, nor cheap. After starting a crowd-funding page, all was looking good, until Gobi went missing.

Those are what I think are the 3 books you have to read this winter. What is on your must-read list?
*Thanks to Harpercollins for providing me with these books
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