Wednesday 14 June 2017

Arrowood - Mick Finlay

Move over Sherlock Holmes - Mr William Arrowood and his partner, Mr Norman Barnett are here to solve the crimes you can't! Arrowood had me hooked from page one! So much happens in this fantastic novel by Mick Finlay.

William Arrowood is sick of hearing about Sherlock Holmes. Who do the media and the people of London think this Sherlock is? He's no great detective. He reads crime scenes and 'solves' the case based on clues he finds, hidden at the scene. Sherlock doesn't read people, no. He reads scenes. William reads people. He knows when someone is lying, when someone is hiding something. William solves his crimes through the people close to the victim - they're the ones who usually hold the killers name, hidden in their eyes.

Cases were slow coming to William and Norman, until Miss Cousture, comes to them, asking to find her missing brother. When she explains who her brother Terry, was working for, William is hesitant to help. Terry was working for the very man who told Arrowood and Barnett he would have them killed, if he ever saw them again.

Should they take on this case? Should they risk their lives to find this missing man?

Arrowood was one heck of a ride! I had thought I'd figured out what had happened to Terry. Boy, I wasn't even close!

Available at all good book stores now! RRP$35.99

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